Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer movies: Comics, Classics, Cartoons...and Face

I missed Friday's post because I was on a mountain retreating. ACFW Colorado hosted the annual get-away where we all refocused our lives and our writing to point to our Lord Jesus Christ. It was deep. It was fun. It was exhausting.

As a bonus gift for missing my post, I want to point you to this link at the ReelzChannel. It lists the summer movies coming out this year. I'm particularly excited about these:

  • May 7 - Iron Man 2 (Thoroughly enjoyed the first one. Even bought the DVD!)
  • May 14 - Robin Hood (Not hugely big on Russel Crowe, but interested to see what they do with the story.)
  • May 21 - Shrek Forever After (I think it's the whole retelling the fairy tale thing for me.)
  • June 11 - A-Team (But they'd better have someone pretty enough to be named Face!)
  • June 13 - Toy Story 3 (You have to un-American not to be anticipating this one.)
  • June 25 - The Green Hornet (Okay, I'm more excited for my hubby. I was never a fan.)
  • July 9 - Despicable Me (More curious than excited.)
See you all at the movies!

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