Friday, March 26, 2010

Top Ten Animated Movies - Featuring The Lion King


This is a new feature that will list the top movies and trivia in different categories. These will include genres, characters, even songs. Watch for Craft Lessons, as well. I can't guarantee that all elements will be included every Friday, but below is what I hope to strive for in some coherent order.

Top Ten Animated Movies

2 PINOCCHIO (1940)
3 BAMBI (1942)
4 LION KING, THE (1994)
5 FANTASIA (1942)
6 TOY STORY (1995)
8 SHREK (2001)
10 FINDING NEMO (2003)

Trivia on The Lion King:
  • Mickey Mouse appears in two cameos: 1)One of the bugs that Timon pulls out of a knothole during Hakuna Matata is wearing Mickey Mouse ears. 2) When Mufasa tells Simba about the Great Kings of the Past if you look at the stars in the wide shot you can see Mickey Mouse.
  • There have been rumors that when Simba collapses on the cliff after talking with Timon and Pumbaa about stars, the dust that flies off the cliff forms the letters SEX. In fact it forms the letters SFX, the abbreviation of the special-effects team that worked on that portion of the film.
  • I saw the Broadway version of The Lion King at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. As a puppet buff, (that's a bit of trivia in itself!) I thought I'd died and gone to puppet heaven. The special effects in this live action performance that had nothing to do with computer generated "anything" and left me breathless. If it comes to your town, SEE IT!
Craft Lesson - There is nothing new under the sun.:
  • The plot-line is loosely based upon William Shakespeare's Hamlet; a story of a young prince whose uncle takes over the kingdom and marries the queen after killing the king/prince's father. After being away from home for a period of time, these events lead to the prince's plans for revenge. The prince receives some advice from his father's ghost. Also, during the scene where Zazu sings I've got a lovely bunch of Coconuts, Scar Has a skull in his hand.
  • Besides inspirations from William Shakespeare's Hamlet, the story also has elements of the Osirian family myths of Ancient Egyptian mythology. In the Osirian myths, the king (Mufasa/Osiris) is killed by his jealous brother (Scar/Seth) and the rightful heir (Simba/Horus) is sent into exile as a boy. The murdered king visits and mentors his son in ghostly visits and when the heir comes of age, he returns to exact revenge on his father's murderer.

In the You Tube video, Nathan Lane describes how he and Ernie Sabella won the role of Timon, the meercat, and Pumbaa, the warthog.

Hakuna Matata, Everybody!

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